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cvPro™ 09.09.2019

Author: cvPro
Date: 08.08.2019
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cvPro™ (09.09.2019) comes with a complete user interface overhaul making it the most advanced version of cvPro™ we have ever made. Changes also include the main Config file which now comes with more and improved technical features to enhance your gameplay experience. We are proud to introduce the next step in cvPro the (09.09.2019)!

Car Variations Pro™ or 'cvPro™' is an advanced and powerful (carvariations.meta) file replacement.

cvPro™ enables the most advanced procedural generated vehicle finishes.

cvPro™ features include:
160+ Custom Paint Patterns (all in-game color support)
4 Main License Plates + SA Exempt (the most popular ones)
Dark, Bright and Vibrant Colors (supports wide selection of paint-jobs)
Vanilla Like Files (files that are close to native-integrated)
Light on Storage and Performance (file size less then 19 kb)
Civilian as well as Emergency Vehicle Support (full vehicle support)
Install Guide and Easy Config (modern installation guide)
and more...

# For more, visit @

By downloading and using 'cvPro™' you agree to read and comply with License


Some vehicle models are limited to 20/25 color variations
When used alongside other heavy modifications can cause a crash
When used to replace the default vehicles that massively populate the world can cause a crash

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cvPro™ 09.09.2019

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