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Hacienda Napaleto Airstrip & Luxury Villa Complex

Author: GTA5LuxMods
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Date: 10.06.2019
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Name: Paleto Airstrip & Luxury Villa
Location: Paleto Bay Park
Objects: Approximately 5000 props have been used spread over 3 ymaps and 1 autoloading xml


1. Medium sized airstrip (Largest plane it can handle is the Buckingham Nimbus both in terms of width and landing speed.
2. Large Hangar for multiple planes and cargo with offices & gardens.
3. Underground parking for 40 to 50 cars
4. Small hangar/mechanical workshop
5. Air Control/Watch Tower
6. 6 Heli Pads
7. Petrol Station
8. Parking Garage for 9 Cars
9. 1 Bed Guest House with parking for 5/6 cars (Unfurnished)
10. Landscaped gardens with sea views all around the property
11. Garden Pavillion set in beutiful surroundings and a tree lined walk
12. Grand entrance to main 3/4 bedroomed villa with courtyard pond
13. Outdoor kitchen over looking the sea with bar and grill/chillout areas
14. Openplan family living room with sea views on 3 sides opening up to a balcony and two swimming pools. Also has direct access to the beach via the staircase. (I might need to adjust their placement. Will come in 1st update)
15. Second large reception room with ensuite bathroom and master bedroom. (Is actually the house office/study)
16. 2 fully furnished further bedrooms with ensuite shower rooms
17. Safety Deposit & Vault room
18. 3 swimming pools
19. Outdoor garden/swimming pool room/dining/bar
20. 2 Bedroom 2 story villa with balcony and offstreet parking
21. 1 bedroom 2 story villa with landscaped gardens and beach access.
22. Private driveway that runs through the property and connects to the runway.
23. Air control staff, warehouse staff, security, various planes and vehicles.
24. The entire map is highly detailed throughout.

There are approximately 5000 FIVE THOUSAND props used to create this map. If you have a slow computer it will most likely NOT run this map.
I built this on a PC that only just passes R'Star's minimum requirements to play GTA5. 12gb DDR3 Ram, 4gb Radeon R7, Intel i3 and it can only manage this many props before FPS drops to around 5fps

If your machine meets recommended requirements or above to play GTA then this map shouldn't be a problem for you.

Helpful tips:

Best planes to use on this runway are:
The Nimbus, Luxore, Seabreeze, Velum, and the Handglider (although that is really tricky to get a true lineup with the runway.

Make sure you are at Franklin's house number 2 in Vinewood Hills when you load the map or the swimming pool decals will not load. (Pools are not working. Purely for looks)


Drop the autoloadmaps folder in your scripts folder
Drop the 3 ymap files in your Custom_maps folder using OpenIV _ mods>update>x64>dlcpacks>custom_maps>dlc.rpf>x64>levels>gta5>_citye>custom_maps.rpf>
Install NoBoundaryLimits 1.1.4 by Unknown Modder
Launch game>>>


Rockstar's 'recommended' requirements to play GTA5 or your fps will go down to 1fps or even crash your machine.
.asi loader
Visual C++ Redistributable 2013 x64
MapBuilder Patreon (You need the latest and full installation of OmegaKing Studio's Map Builder) including the Gameconfig.
GTAV.HeapAdjuster asi
CWeaponInfoBlob Adjuster asi
PackFileLimit Adjuster asi
Updated Object List for Map Editor 8
10k Object List

Let me know if you find any issues or bugs or things you would like me to change.

Enjoy :)

Please share and comment. Your feedback is important to me.
You can also support my work by joining me on Patreon:

Do not reupload this map or edit it and upload it publicly without my consent. I am happy to collaborate with other designers but please respect my work.

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Hacienda Napaleto Airstrip & Luxury Villa Complex
Hacienda Napaleto Airstrip & Luxury Villa Complex Hacienda Napaleto Airstrip & Luxury Villa Complex Hacienda Napaleto Airstrip & Luxury Villa Complex Hacienda Napaleto Airstrip & Luxury Villa Complex Hacienda Napaleto Airstrip & Luxury Villa Complex Hacienda Napaleto Airstrip & Luxury Villa Complex Hacienda Napaleto Airstrip & Luxury Villa Complex

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