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1989 Batmobile

Author: Sersorroza
Date: 08.11.2015
Downloads: 8784
Filesize: 5.999 MB

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Full credit goes to Sersorroza, model was made for gta 4. I only converted it.

I included vehicle files needed for add on dlcpacks. From the files I provided, add the lines to your dlc pack corresponding files, depending on your add on pack (DO NOT REPLACE). Or just rename model and texture file to whichever car you choose to replace to save your time.

List of bugs to work on:
- Still need a bit of work on tires texture
- collision
- no time for dials yet.
- sometimes door doesn't close properly

Been trying to find a way to fire guns like lazer, but still haven't found a way without using script. Same for afterburner. I have the dummies in place, just can't use them yet. Not really bugs, but missing features.

Anyone have suggestions is welcomed. I'll try to improve on it as much as I can. Been working on actual physics from Batman and Batman returns batmobile that flips cars over, not quite succeeding yet.

ver. 1.0
-new tires
-new collsion
-breakable windows with tint

accidental revelation i had, the guns ACTUALLY WORK! thats given if you use my handling. i accidentally clicked right mouse button, and it fired hell and destroyed everything including myself. but my vision is to have the guns fire only forward, no mouse aiming. i don't think everyone agrees with me, but that's what i imagined.

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1989 Batmobile
1989 Batmobile 1989 Batmobile 1989 Batmobile

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