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2018 BMW M5 F90 [Replace/HQ/Template/RealPhysics]

Author: cb1005
Date: 10.01.2018
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BMW M5 F90 2018 [Replace]

Replace Version & Physics By cb1005
Model Edited & Converted By S4MuEL -
Link to Addon(original Mod) Version>>>

Model Changelog :
- 1.1 :
A light update that fixes some of the problems
• The wheels became much wider and the logo is fixed
• Correct wheel position
• Paintable windscreen
• Windows Template
• New Car Body Parts Template
• The roof goes well with the original color of the car
( The carbon roof will be as a tuning part in the next update )

Handling Changelog :
• realistic steering, vehicle breaks out at high speed and hectic steering
• suspicious suspension, more inclination / reaction of the bodyshell at
bends, steering, ground waves
• high speed (330kph)
• damage at collision
• realistic M5 sound
• real ingame name actually not working (I´ll fix it in next Update)

Features :
• High Quality 3D Model
• HQ Salon
• 2k Dirt Texture
• 4k Template Support
• Working lights ( headlights , Indicators ... )
• Working Dials
• Working LED Daylight
• Working Steering Wheel / Hands on Steering Wheel
• HQ Mirrors Reflections
• Correct Door Opening
• Front Plate As Extra
• Breakable Windows
• PAINT 4 : Brake Caliper
etc ...

Bugs/Issues/troubles :
• No hood opening ( S4MuEL - still searching for a good quality engine )

Installation Instructions :
• Read the "how to Install" file inside the archive

Credits and big Thanks to:
• Model : Nfs Payback.
• Model Converted: S4MuEL -

Have Fun

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2018 BMW M5 F90 [Replace/HQ/Template/RealPhysics]
2018 BMW M5 F90 [Replace/HQ/Template/RealPhysics] 2018 BMW M5 F90 [Replace/HQ/Template/RealPhysics]

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