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SimpleScript v1.0.1

Author: Shykuzo_
Date: 16.06.2022
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-------- SimpleScript v1.0.1 --------

This is a small script created for GTA IV containing some shortcuts to functions that many Trainers offer.

SimpleScript allows you to perform some actions (Increase search level, Remove reload level, ...)

This is my first script, I started to create a script in C# for GTA IV and here is the result of my first project :)

---- Default Keys ----

1 (Not NumPad) : Restore Player's Health and Armor
2 (Not NumPad) : Spawn COMET [NEW v1.0.1 : Automatic player teleports]
3 (Not NumPad) : Repair Current Vehicle
4 (Not NumPad) : Increase Wanted Level
5 (Not NumPad) : Delete Wanted Level
6 (Not NumPad) : Add 1000$ to Player's Account
7 (Not NumPad) : Remove 1000$ from Player's Account
8 (Not NumPad) : Drop Current Weapon [NEW v1.0.1]

(See "Changelogs/[16-06-22] v1.0.1.txt" for a list of the latest changes)

I hope that my little Script will be useful to you, this one is entirely configurable in the SimpleScript.ini file found in the SimpleScript.7z file that you will have downloaded.

---- Installation ----

To install SimpleScript, simply drag the contents of the SimpleScript folder in the SimpleScript.7z archive into the root folder of your GTA IV.

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