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Aston Martin

Aston Martin DBS Volante V2.0 FL

Author: DMustang [DesMan]
Date: 09.12.2012
Downloads: 40192 | Statistics
Filesize: 15.893 MB

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***This mod is exclusive for Kottons Chop Shop and for 30 days. You can not publish it anywhere else before Octorber 8 2012.***

*new fix*
- fixed the missing meshes on the right side of the cockpit
- fixed the z-fighting of the calipers
- fixed the window COL

*bug found*
- not able to break the left side window after you break the right side window

v2.0 FL updates:
- new L1, COL meshes
- new UV mapping, supported body + roof
- fixed meshes reflecting errors
- new cockpit back seat
- new extras added and new extras setting [see in readme]
- body diffuse color [render]
- new HQ tire textures and other texture upgrade
- new vehicle & handling line [thx outsid3r4]
- new rear light setting
- new color for brake light
- major z-fighting fixed [you can see a gap between the tire and the wheel, not a bug]
- other bug fix

Special Thanks : outsid3r4, Rapid X, goar (KaLaC), SdkDdt, Slyde, Kot, TheepW

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Aston Martin DBS Volante V2.0 FL
Aston Martin DBS Volante V2.0 FL Aston Martin DBS Volante V2.0 FL Aston Martin DBS Volante V2.0 FL

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