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Yacht - Drivable

Author: tall70
Date: 30.04.2014
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Yacht static object converted into boat vehicle. Lots of work was put into this. Mainly because this was my very first project and i screwed up some steps in beginning. Thats like you buy your first set of screw drivers and your first project is building nuclear submarine. Ohh well. - Rooms were added where fake windows used to be, doors are opened up, all areas accessible. Completely scratch collision model so u can walk almost everywhere, but i tried to keep it as small as possible for game stability. Opened/closed doors and windows blinds as extras. Keep in mind: on boats extras, collision don't interact with peds. So closed door will reflect bullets, but you can walk through it, unfortunately.

This version is with NO bullet holes, only glass will crack. It's either that, or model alone will be 3Mb, but bullets would show on very few places anyway, due to not enough detailed collision and lots of interior nonreflective material i want to use, which doesn't draw bullet holes. I did copy this system from" louping0's" models and since it can't do bullet holes in many places, i decide to use it to keep low size.

You can't land helicopter on it. Boat collision and heli collision don't like each other too much. Handling is purposely made so ship is not too fast and steers very slow. If you need to do sharp slow turn, use handbrake. You must change BOTH lines otherwise it will not float normally. IDE has changed flags for extras and engine sound, must be changed for extras to show correctly. Two main colors are paintable, i only used those resembling original boat.

-all lines in pack

Now SPAWNING. I include changed spawning spots. If you don't replace them, boat will spawn into objects, because it's too large. So new spawning points were created and some removed, use SparkIV to replace them. MAKE BACKUP before replacing them.

I recommend replacing TUG only, since it's not made to spawn in traffic, and all spawning locations are named to it.

---Light sources can't be linked to lighting so they don't go off with it. I will keep fixing this model and add more stuff to it. At least more window blinds and collisions detail.

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Yacht - Drivable
Yacht - Drivable Yacht - Drivable Yacht - Drivable

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