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GTA III 100 % Savegame

Author: Ivelin | Email
Date: 11.11.2017
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This is a 100 % Savegame for GTA III. No cheats or mods were used in this save.
List of things done in this savegame:
All Main Missions Done.
Offroad Missions Done: Gripped!, Patriot Playground, Multi-Story Mayhem, A Ride In The Park.
All Vehicle Side Missions Done: Paramedic Level 12 Done, Vigilante 60 criminals killed, Firefighter 60 fires extinguished, Taxi 100 fares done (In a row).
RC Toys Missions Done: Diablo Destruction, Mafia Massacre, Casino Calamity, Rumpo Rampage.
Import/Export Garage in Portland Filled.
Import/Export Garage in Shoreside Vale Filled.
Emergency Vehicle Crane Done.
All Payphone Missions Done: Marty Chonks, El Burro, King Courtney, D-Ice
In addition to that:
100 Hidden Packages Collected.
20 Rampages Completed.
20 Unique Stunt Jumps Completed.

Additional Bonuses: Bulletproof Barracks OL in the Staunton Island Hideout!

I hope you enjoy the savegame and have fun, If you want other savegames comment, I will list all my other GTA III ones down here, you can pick and if there are a lot of comments for another one I will upload it !

Other Savegames I have:
All Side Missions In Portland. (Done after the missions Give me Liberty and Luigi's Girls)
All Side Missions In Staunton Island. (Done After The Mission Last Requests)
All Side Missions In Shoreside Vale. (Done After The Mission Rumble)

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GTA III 100 % Savegame
GTA III 100 % Savegame GTA III 100 % Savegame GTA III 100 % Savegame

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