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Hi, I'm a former GTA SA's modder, starting to create GTA SA mods since 25 April 2013 then retired in 8 July 2014.

My first interest in GTA Series is in 2005, when I starting to play GTA SA for first time in PS2 Rental and it's really exciting, but however I can't play GTA SA again until 2011, where I bought GTA SA PC version DVD-ROM then installing it on my laptop (after some fails), I then played other GTA Series such as:

-GTA 2 (via FPse emulator on android)
-GTA III (on laptop)
-GTA Vice City (on laptop and android)
-GTA IV (on laptop but lags very terribly due the very low specs of the laptop)
-GTA Chinatown Wars (on android)
-GTA Liberty City Stories (on official android version)

After sometime in August 2014, I retired playing GTA SA and moved to play Just Cause Series.
And sometimes after that I focused to play Android Games, because my laptop is too old and can't play current games.

Then in July 2015, my parents bought me a laptop, so I add it with some game that I download from many websites and some of them were given from my friends:

-Far Cry 3
-Ace Combat Assault Horizon
-Stranded Deep
-Far Cry 4
-No Man's Sky
-And finally GTA V after so many hard work to get it :)

Note: the date when I'm first starting creating mod that shows ''since 07.11.2012'' is wrong, maybe due the page error or something.

And by the way, if you're kindly and felt my mods is really meant and worthy to you, I accept any donation to my PayPal, no matter the balance is, it is very meaningful to me :)

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Young Lex ''Makan Bang'' Ghost Mod
Rizqan7 A.K.A Maryo_Nicle7 | 07.03.2017 | 2822

"King of GTA"
King of GTA
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 Quote: Alhassan Ahmed

What the hell is that LaughLaughLaughLaughlollollolroflroflrofl
That's a kid named "Young Lex", he was an Indonesian DJ and infamous artist which is controversial and too grumpy, he even ever blamed and challenge his own fans to fight with him crazy

Young Lex ''Makan Bang'' Ghost Mod
Rizqan7 A.K.A Maryo_Nicle7 | 04.03.2017 | 2822

"King of GTA"
King of GTA
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 Quote: mfrizki99

yanglek hits, #makanbang LaughLaugh
just 4 fun Dirol

B-52H Stratofortress Heavy Bomber [Add-On]
SkylineGTRFreak | 23.11.2016 | 19030

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King of GTA
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Oh yeah, the BUFF (Big Ugly Fat F**ker) is return Dirol

No Dust Effect v2
Rizqan7 | 06.08.2016 | 38694

"King of GTA"
King of GTA
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 Quote: hoanghai

i love thisDirolDirol
Thanks man for loving my old mod, hehe biggrin

Yamaha MT-25 / MT-03
Jhonru | 31.07.2016 | 15566

"King of GTA"
King of GTA
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It's super funny, really funny, amazing work fellas! :D