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Certainly the most common of all New Year's resolutions is losing weight. Here's three less commonly known but relatively easy methods to help you achieve your goal of less fat in 2011. 1. Detoxify and Cleanse - a healthier diet and fewer calories are essential to any weight loss program. But you can really jump start your new healthy eating plan by starting with a 5-day detoxifying cleanse such as the M'Lis program.. A cleansing program can help rid your body of environmental toxins and retained waste. This will result in improved organ function, better energy levels, and improved metabolic rate. Most people lose several pounds of unneeded water weight right off the bat; and then, by following through with better New Year's eating choices, you will lose weight quicker and more effectively. Plus, you will feel better. 2. Improve your Sleeping Habits - recent studies have shown that the less you sleep, the fatter you get. People who sleep less than 7 hours a night release more of a hormone called Ghrelin. This hormone increases your appetite the following day and especially increases your appetite for high-calorie carbs. Getting enough sleep results in the release of a hormone called Leptin. Leptin is a hormone that tells your brain that you are full and no longer hungry. But, getting enough sleep is sometimes easier said than done - a lot of people suffer from insomnia especially after the age of 35. I find that hormone imbalance, especially progesterone deficiency is an extremely common and easily correctable cause of insomnia. Unfortunately, not many doctors are familiar with this problem and are too quick sometimes to prescribe sleeping pills. But, progesterone deficiency can be easily identified and corrected by a doctor familiar with bioidentical hormone management. Natural progesterone replacement at bedtime can be a very effective and natural cure for insomnia. And better sleep means less fat! 3. Freeze Away the Hard-To-Get-Rid-Of Fat - CoolSculpting by Zeltiq is the new way to remove unwanted areas of fat 100% non-invasively. This treatment is ideal for those areas of fat that won't go away not matter what you do from a diet and exercise standpoint, including the lower abdomen and the love handles. But it's not a substitute for a healthy lifestyle. This new technique, discovered by doctors at Harvard, uses a specially designed applicator which selectively freezes and destroys fat, but leaves the surrounding tissues undamaged. The treatment is not painful and there is no downtime. Your body then slowly breaks down the damaged fat over the three months that follow the procedure. Of course there is no substitute for good old fashion healthy eating and exercise. But these three additional suggestions may make it easier to achieve your goals.

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