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Willkommen auf meiner GTAinside Benutzerseite! Hier findest du Informationen über mich und mein Leben in Los Santos und Liberty City. Falls doch Fragen hast, schreib mir doch einfach eine Private Nachricht.

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Dragon Ball Mod v3.9 (2017)
AnthSalmo | 19.06.2018 | 53786

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Everyone knows that this mod have no challengers because its hard to make and i said this mod is one of the greatest mods of super powers, but when i change my character to teen gohan there are some little glitching when he turning(Right\Left),When I make it revolve around itself he is like revolving in a small circle,and when he running there is a bug i don't know how to explain it.

and if you can add this characters (Frieza with all transformations/cell with all transformations/majin buu with all transformations/Bardock with his transformation to super sayian/Trunks with all transformations/adding (super android 17) transformation for android 17/piccolo if can but i know it will be hard/Black Goku with his transformation to super sayian pink/goten with his transformation to SJ/kid trunks with his transformation to SJ/Gotenks with his transformation to SJ3)

i am apologizing if all this are too much to you.
i am apologizing again.

I was about to forget please do not change the KAMEHAMEHA sound when goku saying it in a future updates.Please Please.