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Welcome to my GTAinside userpage!

Here you can get some information about my GTA San Andreas modifications for PC version and some for GTA San Andreas Android version. Please visit my blog for full list of my GTA San Andreas modifications. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact me by a private message or send me an email.

My Favorite Mods:

1. Mermaid Mod v9.9

2. DreadOut Mod v5.5.5

3. Kebaya Girl Skin v2.0

4. Linda Meilinda Kebaya Skin v1.0

5. Indonesian Kebaya Girls Theme v1.1

6. Digital Camera Wall Ads v3.0 + Bonus

- Some my mods is not uploaded in here (My GTAinside Userpage), so if you wanna see full list of my mods, you can visit my blog.
- For you who don't have GTA SA game, you can download GTA SA game for PC version or Android version from my blog then install my mods that you like it in your GTA SA game.

Don't try to steal my mods that i made or modifying my mods files by edit or cracking the files and publish it to a website. If i found my mods on the internet that not uploaded by me or you don't include my name (Cwxrssr) as author of mods and you don't have permission from me for upload, i will consider you as a stealer and i'll post your name/web on my sites as stealer of mods.

About Me:
I'm a Cwxrssr, the meaning Cwxrssr is an anagram of my personality that finally i make it as my ID for use on the internet. I'm an independent modder, i make GTA San Andreas modifications just as my hobby in game. Besides of that, i like girl who dress kebaya and also i like asian girl who have oriental face. That's why some my modifications that i made based of my interest. Thank's for viewing my profile and enjoy all!

Contact Me:
- Email: [email protected]

Play GTA V Online with Me:
- Social Club ID: Cw_Xrssr

Join my crew Kingdom Of The Sea:

All my modifications is free to download and i'm happy if you like my modifications but i will be more happy and thankful to you if you send some donation to me as an appreciation for modifications that i made. And as my thanks to you, i will credits you in my sites as donor. Please click Donate button below or click Donate button on my modifications that you like it to start send donation.

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DreadOut Mod v5.5.5
Cwxrssr | 10.11.2020 | 14445

"King of GTA"
King of GTA
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@howdo hi?

The Skin I Live In for Android
Cwxrssr | 19.07.2020 | 9456

"King of GTA"
King of GTA
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@KANO99 no, its not the mod you say. i make it from my self, see the date of release, this mod is the first and this mod is diferrent.

BMW I8M Liberty Walk
Rmod Customs | 01.01.2020 | 14804

"King of GTA"
King of GTA
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Ada Wong School - RE2 Remake
SERGIO_VAN_DYK | 13.12.2019 | 9480

"King of GTA"
King of GTA
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DOAXVV - Fiona Nude
SERGIO_VAN_DYK | 13.12.2019 | 17059

"King of GTA"
King of GTA
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