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Known for weapon conversions from V to SA.
No longer owns
Critic, Political Satirist and a Nihilistic Centrist.
Half Liberal and Half Conservative, Supporter of Guns, Human, Civil and LGBT Rights, and the believer of Freedom of Speech.
Formerly known as GTAVMC (a.k.a. GTA V Mod Crib and even a defunct group from Facebook with the same name).
I Love Blacks, Asians, Latinos and even Whites.

You see, I'm no ordinary modder, I'm just making MODDING GREAT AGAIN, which I'm just doing my job as making one of the best weapon conversions I have ever uploaded that the site has never recognized my work as Featured Mods, but hey who cares about recognitions anyway, what mostly matters is the downloads in my case, that way everyone will feel content of how complete this is, I just love the reaction from the comment section down below, but now that I'm back unbeknownst to some, don't forget to vote, comment, add my mods to your favorites, and share only if you want it to.

PS: No stealing unless you given credibility to someone that worked so hard, if that defied the odds, I will take legal action without any hesitations.


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Lampadati Magnus [SA]
XG417 | 03.06.2021 | 1546

Notorious MCJ
"King of GTA"
King of GTA
Kommentare: 604

Vroom, VROOM!! 10/10 biggrin

GTA V Missiles [New Release]
Notorious MCJ & BDC_Osiris | 09.05.2021 | 2138

Notorious MCJ
"King of GTA"
King of GTA
Kommentare: 604

@Shubham B. Speaking of "Launch", Is there a nearby Indian restaurant in my hometown? I wanna go and eat there and thanks for that damn comment you got and made there. biggrin

GTA V Coil Stun Gun [ Release]
Notorious MCJ | 01.05.2021 | 1998

Notorious MCJ
"King of GTA"
King of GTA
Kommentare: 604

@Shubham B. To make fun of weird situations there in America right now, which of course this is to spread and raise awareness about the contagious and pathological mental retardations of people, which again I feel sorry for them.

Nanami - Sailor School - PC/Android
SERGIO_VAN_DYK | 28.04.2021 | 3493

Notorious MCJ
"King of GTA"
King of GTA
Kommentare: 604

Jesus Christ man, again with it? like oh boy I thought I'm not going to expect something like yours to ever be featured, but I ultimately doubt it, YOU just did and you just happened to exceed my expectations by luck which that's what they all did for you and your mod, and it's all because of a wide audience you have that lead your mod to have its recognition like this, albeit I may have envy you technically, but you're still rocking up for the second time again, how very magnificent of you and magnanimous of this site.

Furthermore, I think your modding career (or should I say hobby) have a bright future ahead of you, which I won't lie about it, it may not be easy but still to this day, we still experienced the same ol' discrimination against this site, even though we made better mods that clearly not featured, and GTA V Weapons by me has shot me the most unlike modders with whips and waifus with tiddies, but in the end, I don't really care.

and hopefully, you will have the 3rd Featured Mod again if or when another mod of yours like this is released, which you deserved it, anyway congratulations. biggrin

Turkish Texture Mod (Michael's House) [oiv]
mrmusam | 26.04.2021 | 354

Notorious MCJ
"King of GTA"
King of GTA
Kommentare: 604

Doesn't look like a texture pack, anyway 10/01 biggrin

Gimmie some good'ol turkish food on my way out.