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I love the kpop girlgroup Lovelyz :3
Hello everyone, my name is Megalow, (my real name is Aldo). I'm from Paraguay, I like rockstar games, especially the GTA. Also the NFS. continue to the GTA long time...
Edit mods, but if the audience leave credits to the author. I am no friend to the of the grotesque comments and theft mods, because to make one long it takes.

Welcome to GTAinside, Greetings !!!

Mba'eichapa avaku'érã, Che hína ha'e Megalow, (che revã añeteva ha'e Aldo). Che aiko tava Kapiatá-pe. Che ejeguerohory Rockstar Games rembiapo. Avei añembosarai NFS.
Are guarêma asegui ko GTA-pe.
Che amba'apo umi tembiapo ahenorê. La apublicarõ ko'ape che aheja irera kuéra. Che ndahechaéi umi jurukÿavã ha umi mondaha-kuéra. Umi tembiapó hetã aravo ojeipuru osê porã va'erã.

Peguahê GTAinside-pe ha maitei pe'emê!!

hola a todos, mi nombre es Megalow, (Mi nombre real es Aldo). soy de Paraguay, me gustan los juegos de rockstar, en especial el GTA. También el NFS. sigo al GTA hace mucho tiempo.
Edito las modificaciones, pero si las público dejo los créditos al autor. soy no amigo a los comentarios grotescos y robo de mods, porque para hacer uno se toma tiempo.

Bienvenidos a GTAinside, saludos!!!

A cualquier Paraguayo que visite GTAinside Bienvenido!!!!!!


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GTA V-ar Zirconium Weaver Cop
Automan | 25.02.2019 | 1006

"King of GTA"
King of GTA
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GTA Alien City 2 coming sonóbiggrin

GTA V-ar Zirconium Walker
Automan | 09.02.2019 | 3092

"King of GTA"
King of GTA
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If you understood about General Culture that is based on a famous movie, second: Automan has been doing mods for over 10 years and his work is well known. One of the most famous is the "Mysterix Mod", apart from he has adapted many famous movie cars using as base the vehicles of the GTA V, for that reason they all give 10 of 10, the question is to enjoy their mods, not to do everything to the San Andreas and that only use for 1 month the mod. his works are worthwhile and (quite soon).stop

@Automan I hope that all those special cars that you are making include them in the next "Mysterix Mod"Dirolgood

Arma Antigravitatoria
ryosuke | 06.02.2019 | 3105

"King of GTA"
King of GTA
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Es evidente el que publicó este "mod" es un nene de 13 años jajajaja

GTA V Annis ZR380 Standard v2
Automan | 03.02.2019 | 2382

"King of GTA"
King of GTA
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Automan puedes pasar la lista de conversión para al menos 2 meses?
De tantos DLC que salen se te acumuló todo para las motos, trucks y boats...

GTAV Pegassi Toros
NONOJI2002 | 13.12.2018 | 3421

"King of GTA"
King of GTA
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@rickymalakian yes, is the Lamborghini Urusgood