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Hello everyone and welcome to my personal page on GTAInside!

I'm Mad Driver (or Mad_Driver10) - one of world famous modder and car convertor for GTA: San Andreas!

I'm working with this legendary game from 2008!
So, here you can download my all released vehicle mods from 2012 to present time.

If you have any further questions, or you fing a bug on my vehicle, fell free to contact me by a Private Message.

My current projects list:
1976 Ford Bronco (Ranger) --- 60%
1967 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow --- 50%
1970 AMC Rebel 'The Machine'--- 50%

1989 Ferrari F40 1.3 --- 90%
1989 Mazda MX-5 Miata (NA) 1.1 --- 70%
1987 Buick GNX / Regal 2.0 --- 22%

1992 GMC Syclone/Typhoon --- 50%
1958 Maserati 3500 GT Coupe (AM101) --- 25%
1978 Chrysler Cordoba (SS-25) --- 15%

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(1992/2005) Honda NSX-R
NGR_Ardiansyah-DTD | 22.07.2021 | 1745

Kommentare: 290

@NGR_Ardiansyah pretty neat! biggrin good
btw, what about my suggestions which I send to you in PM?
Are you thinking of making one of those Cadillacs? crazy

Toyota MR2 S/C T-Bar (AW11) (US-Spec) 1988
Mad_Driver10 | 22.07.2021 | 1247

Kommentare: 290

 Quote: MDXNaTioN

information so detail!
are you make handling for it?

Sure thing. It's already made crazy

 Quote: NGR_Ardiansyah

nicee, i think its going to replace supergt lol
btw what is those 2 script for?

Thanks biggrin
1st script for interior lighting, it's optional:
2nd for opening front and rear trunk lid. Unfortunately, SA engine doesn't support multiplie active components. So.. I used different ways for adaptation those parts crazy

 Quote: Tachionic

Das ist fantastisch good
Не совсем врубился по поводу дверей микроавтобуса и функционирующие переднюю и заднюю крышки багажника.
Когда допилишь стаффорда, в смысле silver shadow и сhecker мarathon? Очень хотелось бы...
Кстати, зачётный пак MDNTP 2.0

Просто имеется ввиду что используется этот скрипт для открытия передней и задней крышки багажника. Принцип работы такой же как на Субурбенах Никки и СтратенСерфа: нажимаешь на кнопку открытия багажника и откроется переднее и заднее отделение. Вроде так по понятнее будет biggrin
Роллс думаю будет скоро, двигатель на него я перебрал, скоро поставлю.
Но что-то сверхъестественное от него не советую ожидать, ибо это будет полимонстр.. По Чеккеру я только начал biggrin Да и кроме пришитого двигателя по нему нечего показывать.

 Quote: kingwolf

but i get some issue with the ImVehFt Version. The wheels are lost and this problem happens with your 99 Lancer Evo and R32 GTR. No problem with the HQLM ver

Thank you! All requied mods you can find in decription in ReadMe file.
First of all you need to install VehFuncs plugin, which activates a lot of features such as different factory rims and working pop-up lights.

Toyota MR2 S/C T-Bar (AW11) (US-Spec) 1988
Mad_Driver10 | 21.07.2021 | 1247

Kommentare: 290

Note: this car adapted for "Mad Driver's New Tuning Parts 2.0 Release Edition", which currently in work-in-progress stage.
Pre-release version (20.07.21 - latest build) adapted for modloader you can get here:

Kommentare: 290

 Quote: Tiopk

The Monte Carlo model i told you about has engine, it says in description:

But the first model is probably better, it is a paid model.

No, it doesn't:

Also this model doesn't have trunk and proper detaled undershell.
So, it's just straight converion of Arkviz's 3D model. Yep, maybe it's better than MindF*ck one, but still there a lot of things need to fix for proper replacement for Buccanner pardon

Kommentare: 290

@Tiopk The Checker isn't in final condition, so there're some differences between later year production and first year production models. Everything'll be fixed.

The RX7 from CSR2 isn't proper model, because it has tuned interior and engine.
So this model doesn't suitable for converting to SA. Very good RX7 in PCars3, but it hasn't rear back of interior and door sills. Also proper one RX7 has Midnight Club LA, but I don't know how to rip from that game.
By the way, Terabite92 also left modding field. So we doesn't see from him new mods anymore..

Hmm.. not bad. But how to download this rip from blog?
About Roadmaster, yes, it's good idea to update this car.
But, later. Maybe biggrin