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Willkommen auf meiner GTAinside Benutzerseite! Hier findest du Informationen über mich und mein Leben in Los Santos und Liberty City. Falls doch Fragen hast, schreib mir doch einfach eine Private Nachricht.

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Project EVE
[V.S.C]萌え系爱 | 15.09.2019 | 6598

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 Quote: VSC

 Quote: VSC

Anyone have issues with using this mod.
- If it crash during pressing Tab, please try import the ifp files to gta3.img.
- Try change the gtasa.exe (properties -> compatibility -> run this program in compatibility mode for -> change to windows 7 or windows XP)
- Delete fps_extend.cs
- check if the mod is install correctly.
Hope this will helps. pardon

I've done everything in this post, and I STILL have the problem where the game crashes at the very last quarter on the loading screen. It makes an audible pause, freezes for about a minute, then closes the game.

Maybe I did something wrong, since I put every single IFP file into gta3.img. I'm not too sure how the placements of all the files is meant to look.

Anyone know what to do exactly?