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Chevrolet Tahoe GMT900 LTZ '08
yonebayashi | 23.06.2021 | 4431

Kommentare: 42

how many polygons are there?

Grand Theft Auto IV & EFLC Beta
Attramet | 13.06.2021 | 680

Kommentare: 42

@Attramet You do not understand, I'm not talking about the "white walls" of the tire, but about the completely white tires. Without textures at all.
Hmm, I double-checked the photos. These are not white, not completely white tires, these tires are just shiny like a cat's eggs. Like metal. Because what? Because this is a beta version, it is an unfinished version. Why downgrade?

>Why don't you write about why I removed the doors to Binсo and church, or why I removed Jacob's glasses

Because I am not interested in this modification.
I only downloaded this to read what you changed.
The city changes didn't interest me much, I settled on the vehicles list.
The fact that somewhere some badges are missing is a flaw on the part of the developer. Some cars in the game do not have license plates. The photo from Stevie Coquette doesn't have it either. But that doesn't mean it's right.
As I said earlier - I do not belittle your work, I just do not understand it. Why cut content?

Grand Theft Auto IV & EFLC Beta
Attramet | 12.06.2021 | 680

Kommentare: 42

@Attramet The beta version also had white tires on some cars.
Check out the in-game photos of the cars Stevie wants to steal. Some of them have white tires. Will you make white tires too?
I'm not belittling your work, no. I just don't understand the point of cutting out anything from the current version.
Usually, such mods return to games something that was cut from the release version, rather than removing it at all.
So I don't understand why you did it.

Grand Theft Auto IV & EFLC Beta
Attramet | 12.06.2021 | 680

Kommentare: 42

Why did you do all this? What's wrong with the badges and tinting?

Removed Bobcat bagdes and tinting.
Removed Cabby tinting and some detail.
Removed Chavos badges.
Removed Cognoscenti tinting.
Removed Coquette badge.
Removed Dilettante badges.
Removed Dukes some badges.
Removed some badges,tinting and change interior for E109.
Removed Habanero badges and tinting.
Removed Hakumai badge.
Removed Huntley badge.
Removed Landstalker tinting.
Changed Manana wheels.
Changed Marbelle wheels.
Restored graffiti on the front of the Mule.
Changed NStockade livery.
Removed Oracle badge.
Removed Patriot tinting.
Removed Perennial tinting.
Removed Premier badge.
Removed PMP600 tinting.
Removed Rancher badge.
Removed Rebla badges and tinting.
Removed Speedo badges.
Changed SuperGT color of brake calipers.
Removed Turismo badges.
Removed some badges from Vincent.
Changed Virgo wheels.
Removed Sanchez vinyls.
Removed the Liberty City title from the license plates

Nissan Bluebird U12
MidnightAurora | 12.06.2021 | 2228

Kommentare: 42

Exterior looks good