ZModeler Car Convert - TDU2 to GTA:IV [Part 1] von Hendi Syahroni
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Veröffentlicht am 25.03.2015
Before we start, here's something you should know.
1st: This is not a Tutorial, I just make a video how I did it. Whatever you call it, I just do something that might help you.
2nd: My Camtasia didn't record keyboard input again, so can't show anything I pressed on my keyboard.
3rd: My scroll button was error so I'm having issues in zooming the view.
4th: The TDU2 car model was already extracted from the game files, if you need to know how just chat me.
5th: As always, feel free to ask anytime you need help.

Part 1: Assembling parts and materials
Real time progress: 2+ hours
Video speed: 200%

Part 2: Fix some bugs.
Part 3: Make things perfect

Links you might need:
Skype: hendi_rz
GTA Modding Society:
My Blog (Inactive for a while):
My Facebook Page:
Cheap 3D Models:
Flickr Gallery:
ZModeler 2.2.6 Build 992 (My Custom Setting):
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