[WIP]GTA SA - GTA V Safehouse Interior Mod (High Life Apartment) von TheNathanNS
Kategorie: Fan-Videos
Veröffentlicht am 05.03.2015
Something I've been working on for the past few days, GTA V apartment safehouse as an attachment for CJ's house.
As said in the video, if I can import the furniture without bugs/collision bugs, then I'll try and release the whole thing, if I can't, then I can't.
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Aaron Hossain
Kommentare: 102
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03.04.2015, 15:08

Cool ! waiting for this Nathan!
akash babu
"King of GTA"
King of GTA
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18.03.2015, 10:34

man keep it up :D
14.03.2015, 19:46

Nice mod! I will download it for sure when the interior will be completed!

But there is one thing that I don't appreciate too much: the fact that it is attached to CJ's house. It would be WAY BETTER if it would just be a whole new separate interior.