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GTA Québec Trailer #12 (Beta 2.0.1) von LeoneFamily
Kategorie: Fan-Videos
Veröffentlicht am 23.02.2015
La nouvelle bande annonce du mod Grand Theft Auto Québec pour Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. Le jeu est en cours de création ce qui veut dire que cette vidéo ne ressemble à rien à ce que le jeu aura l'air lorsqu'il sera terminé. Version Beta 2.0.1.
Eingereicht von Alex
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8.67 bei 3 Bewertungen
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"King of GTA"
King of GTA
Kommentare: 732
Private Nachricht
03.03.2015, 20:50

So, you've made a trailer of a beta of a map mod that you haven't even started?
Kommentare: 5
Private Nachricht
01.03.2015, 22:04

No, this isn't a modpack. Let me explain why:

This video was shot in a beta version of the mod which means that it still looks a lot like normal GTA SA. But I'm planning to recreate a map of the cities of Montréal and Laval. In fact, the plan is already done at this moment, I just have to import it to the game. The map won't be too big, it will be a bit smaller than GTA III's map.

All the cars we see in the video are cars that I temporarily put in the game just to make it look better for the trailers. A lot of them may not be seen in the final mod since I still don't have permission to put them in for a lot of cars. On the other side, some cars were edited by me like those with Québec paintjobs, the police helicopter and every police cars. When the map will be all done, I am planning to put some missions.
"King of GTA"
King of GTA
Kommentare: 732
Private Nachricht
27.02.2015, 21:20

Isn't it another silly modpack?