Boardwalk Empire | GTA 5 Reenactment | Boardwalk Empire Intro by 8-BIT BASTARD
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Published on 28.12.2014
The iconic Boardwalk Empire intro recreated in GTAV.

We decided to make this GTA 5 recreation a while ago, and as big fans of the show we wanted to take our time over keeping it as faithful as possible.

The most fun part was drinking a phenomenal amount of virtual beers with the reddit GTAA crew to get the bottle shots. The hardest part using sped up time lapsed scenery against a character who moves in slow motion. We had to use the green screen on the roof of the movie studio to shoot the character actions for that.

The part of Nucky Thompson is played by our very own Gordymills and JeymesMaahn, and we were helped out by fellow GTAA members and and digital beer drinkers:

Tophalo Drift

~~ GTA 5 Movie Reenactments ~~

In this series of videos, we recreate famous TV or movie scenes within GTA V. Mostly using the snapmatic camera to reenact these movie scenes, we draw on our good friends within the /r/GTAA reddit crew for acting resources. Check out our other GTA 5 movie reenactments on our channel!

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