ZModeler Car Convert - GRID Autosport to GTA:IV von Hendi Syahroni
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Veröffentlicht am 25.03.2015
First of all, good day to all of you :D It's been a long time since my last video. So I came back with something new, GTA:IV modding.

Alright this is all you need to know before we start,
1. My Camtasia somehow can't record keyboard input well, some hotkeys won't show up when I generate keystroke on Camtasia Studio.
2. I didn't export the model on my own, so I can show how to extract the model from GRID games.
3. I'm not expert on GTA:IV modding, I'm just helping friends who asked me how to convert cars to GTA:IV.
4. Any problems, questions, need on helps, anything, just feel free to chat me.
5. Last but not least, the video speed is increased, the in-game car test is not that good, otherwise enjoy your time learning to have your own car mods ;)

Links you might need:
GTA Modding Society:
PMR GTAIV Indonesia:
My Blog (Inactive for a while):
My Facebook Page:
Cheap 3D Models:
Flickr Gallery:
ZModeler 2.2.6 Build 992 (My Custom Setting):
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