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Lose Town v1.0 And v1.1

Autor: Kapper
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Datum: 15.02.2014 | 2341 Downloads
Dateigröße: 6.325 MB

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Lose Town
Type: other/fun
Language: English
Release Date: 2012 (Updated 11-14-2012)

The MOD is made based on the initial modules of Vice City, and is a brand new mainline story to the original!

The Mod is made completely based on the initial modules of the game. It was a separated map MOD, and become publicly shared around 2012, and the update V1.1 was released soon afterwards.

About the Plugin:
1. The whole mainline story goes approximately 1~2h play-time.
2. Lots of brand new scenes. There are 8 accessible indoor scenes, and 2 hidden indoor scenes! Many places have different looks, and many "hidden eggs" available to be discovered.
3. Some parts of the story based on CLEO still have some bugs, because the reason of the CLEO author the works cannot be continued, the scenes of the map is complete but the story is not.
4. Bug fixed some bugs
5. Some optimizations added.

Story Description:
The protagonist is still Tommy, who wants to occupy The Lost Town regardless of all the difficulties.

Install Instructions:
Replaces stored files with files of the same name from a different storage location. It provides complete install no matter you've installed the previous version or not.
by Kapper

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Lose Town v1.0 And v1.1
Lose Town v1.0 And v1.1 Lose Town v1.0 And v1.1 Lose Town v1.0 And v1.1

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