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Hello, i'm The Comedown, but people call me Jack.
I'm not a modder, just do some mods for fun, like weapons or .dat files

Age: 20
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2 months ago - The Comedown has released a new modification: "V Weapon Stats Mod".
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V Weapon Stats Mod
by The Comedown!/Creepygirl, Rdltgx13 | 25.02.2017, 17:13 | Downloads: 1948
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The Comedown
Comments: 2
25.02.2017, 17:13


Thank's guys! :D
Shotgun Reaload
by Rdltgx13 | 18.04.2016, 17:30 | Downloads: 2196
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The Comedown
Comments: 2
18.04.2016, 17:30

Guy, this is... Great! I had the idea to add buddy reload anim in shotgun, but you beat me
Really great work, i use this in my feature mod, you don't mind ?