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Welcome to my GTAinside userpage! Here you find some information about my live in Los Santos and Liberty City. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact me by a Private Message.

Hibiki Tachibana

Country: MexicoAge: 24
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Xbox Live: SpartanHomuraXX

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2 weeks ago - Hibiki Tachibana added "Giant Crocodiles for San Android" to his favorites.
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Bigger Gangs
by Scooper | 27.09.2017, 02:17 | Downloads: 1915
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Hibiki Tachibana
Comments: 9
27.09.2017, 02:17

So, this mod only adds more Families ? Or all gangs in San Andreas now have bigger groups ?
GTA V Vom Feuer Anti-Aircraft
by Automan | 30.08.2017, 23:26 | Downloads: 3425
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Hibiki Tachibana
Comments: 9
30.08.2017, 23:26

Awesome mod !

Tough I have a question, do I need to change the codes on the cleo mods of the half track if I replace the barracks with it instead of adding the vehicle ?
GTA V Vulcar Ingot
by Automan | 14.02.2016, 21:46 | Downloads: 8524
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Hibiki Tachibana
Comments: 9
14.02.2016, 21:46

 Quote: Automan

 Quote: Trexk

I like you put the custom reflection, and flat shadow, but almost all of your cars doesn't support SAMP because no tuning dummy, add SA Plates, and a better handling, that would be awesome.good

In what sense SAMP is not supported? Crashed the game, or is it just a preference not satisfied?... smile

I believe it's just the thing that some servers allow to mod cars and the modded parts are showed attached to the car, wich makes it look weird. I have used most of your mod replacements and in SAMP they just work fine ..... I can say even better than other car mods since yours are low-end pc friendly. biggrin
GTA V Bravado Banshee 900R & Carbon
by Automan | 12.02.2016, 02:20 | Downloads: 18674
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Hibiki Tachibana
Comments: 9
12.02.2016, 02:20

 Quote: Dollynho Dolly

 Quote: WarPig22

Maybe the best car in GTA-V

The best is Trufade Adder.

After the Zentorno, Osiris and T20 appeared, the Adder was left quite behind.
GTA V Benefactor Schafter V12 & LWB +Arm
by Automan | 03.02.2016, 04:13 | Downloads: 13921
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Hibiki Tachibana
Comments: 9
03.02.2016, 04:13

10/10 goodyes