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2010 Ford F-150 ST

Autor: DeLuca
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Datum: 12.01.2014 | 4460 Downloads
Dateigröße: 7.136 MB

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[Modification Name]: 2010 Ford F150 ST Trim
[Modification Type]: Vehicle Replacement
[Development]: DeLuca Modding
[Description]: A beautiful Ford F150 ST trim edition from Driver: San Francisco converted and configured for GTA: San Andreas. Enjoy!

[Warning]: Modifications always increase your risk of game crashing.
[Disclaimer]: This modification is Developed and distributed by DeLuca. Any other claims of this modification are ripped and unofficial.
[Permissions]: You MAY use this modification for personal use, media purposes, etc.
You MAY edit this modification with proper credits given.

[Support/Contact]: If you need any support with this modification, or have a suggestions, comment, concearn, or remark then you can contact me below:
Add me on Skype:
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Or send me a Private Message.

Original Ford F150 Model: Driver: San Francisco - Ubisoft Reflections
Toolbox from Ford F350 D: SF Model by Ubisoft Reflections
Ripped from D:SF by: RacingFreak
Converted to GTA: SA by DeLuca.
Re-textured, remodelled, configured by DeLuca.
All additional work was done by DeLuca.
Hitch + Tailpipe from free-to-use website with no credits required.

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2010 Ford F-150 ST
2010 Ford F-150 ST 2010 Ford F-150 ST 2010 Ford F-150 ST

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