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GTA4: Karl Lagerfeld in GTA IV
08.04.2008, 19:06
Autor: Jan

Wie ihr vielleicht bereits gelesen habt, wird der deutsche Modeschöpfer Karl Lagerfeld in GTA IV die Radiostation K109 The Studio moderieren. Nun tauchte auch ein Artwork von Karl Lagerfeld inklusive eines kurzen Textes auf:

Liberty City is home to some pretty unsavory characters, but the forthcoming Grand Theft Auto IV will welcome at least one polished gentleman to the neighborhood: Karl Lagerfeld. Herr Karl will be contributing to the soundtrack of the game, selecting his favorite dance and electronica tracks and providing off-color commentary as a virtual DJ on one of GTA's many radio stations. Lagerfeld has ventured into the music world before, putting out compilations of his favorite tunes and commissioning Devendra Banhart to record a creepy-genius "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" for his over-the-top Dom Perignon ad campaign, but this is his first foray into gaming. You won't actually see him in the game—at least not yet—which is probably just as well; a city as grimy as this one is no place for Dior Homme.

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