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SanAndreas: The Second Death of Dan Debraska
01.11.2008, 14:57
Author: Jan

After 18 months of hard work Stefan "The Q" Kinnl hat finished his GTA movie "The Second Death of Dan Debraska". You can either download the movie in good quality or watch it right now as a stream. These are the words from the author himself about his project:

"There are many GTA videos out there, but just a few GTA movies! With my newest piece of work I wanted to beat everything that's been there yet. On the one hand with an interesting and intelligent story and on the other hand with an almost perfect production that uses all possibilities of the engine. After one and a half years of hard work here is the final result:

The Second Death of Dan Debraska

Twenty minutes of pure action and surprising turns. This film will also be my farewell from the GTA machinima scene, cause I do not have the time for further projects. This is why I want to thank all the people who supported and helped me over the years. This movie is also supposed to be a motivation for all the young film makers. The same way I have been inspired, I want to show what is possible when you have a goal and work hard for achieving it.

All you need are fresh ideas!"

We want to thank The Q for his great work and wish him all the best for his further life!

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