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GTA4: First review by OXM
14.04.2008, 17:43
Author: Alex

The newest issue of the english version of the OXM -magazine brings you  the first GTA IV review. Although the official release is Friday, we had the chance to read the article. Most important fact at first: GTA IV received a 10 of 10 points rating!

The review includes some more details and new screenshots.

Here you can find some key phrases of the article:

  • In comparison to the equivalent, the "Statue of Happiness" doesn't hold a torch but a teacup.
  • Some popular voice actors play themselves in the game.
  • Collecting hidden packages becomes easier to find because there is a soft sound when you're near to them.
  • Would you miss the email spam in the game? Don't worry ... Rockstar Games takes care ;-)
  • A vehicle's tires will become ablaze when you drive through flames, and it will end in a flat after a while.
  • One of the missions involve driving with two bodies in your car's trunk - if it so happens that you hit a bump and the trunk opens, you'll have to swiftly get out of your car and close the trunk before you alert anyone around you.
  • At the beginning of the game, Niko only has an old second hand cellphone. As the game progresses, you acquire superior models that allows for things such as taking pictures.

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