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GTA4: Multiplayer details!
14.03.2008, 18:14
Author: Jan

The latest issue of the PSM Spain features an article about Grand Theft Auto IV with a lot of information about the multiplayer. Here we go:

  • GTA IV will feature 15 multiplayer modes, PSM was able to test seven of them
  • Up to 16 players can play together
  • You can create your own online character (sex, race, hair, clothing...)
  • The modes featured in this article are named  Hangmans NOOSE, Car Jack City, Bomb da Base, Bomb da Base II, Mafia Work, Team Mafia Work, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Turf War, Cops N Crooks, Race, GTA Race, Deal Breaker, Free Mode
  • In the modes Race and GTA Race the host is able to decide which cars are involved and how many laps you have to drive
  • In Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch the host decides how many NPCs walk along, the way the police reacts to your actions, what weapons are allowed and how much traffic is on the streets
  • In Cops n Crooks one team plays as cops while the other team plays as criminals, the policeman are able to see where the criminals are (GPS) and have to stop them from escaping; the criminals don't know where the policemen are
  • In Mafia Work and Team Mafia Work you have to fulfil the goals given to you by Kenny Petrovic faster then your enemy
  • The multiplayer map is the singleplayer map
  • The singleplayer mission called "Hangmans Noose" can be played in co-op

What do you think about the multiplayer mode after so many features have been revealed? Tell us in the comments!

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