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GTAinside: In English, please!
15.02.2008, 18:27
Author: Jan

Next month, celebrates its seventh birthday. For many years most of our users came from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. But over the years we became the world's biggest source for GTA related downloads. So more and more users from other countries visited our site. But due to the language most of our users from other countries do not participate in our community. We want to change this! GTAinside may be a website based in Germany, but it is definitely not just a German website, it is an international project. We cannot exist without all these great projects from all over the world. The heart and soul of our site are the downloads. These files are not created by us, all these files are "User Generated Content" created by users from Poland, Russia, Germany, Brazil, Finland, Israel, Turkey, Chile, Lithuania, Slovakia, Mexico, France, Thailand, Japan, Latvia, Czech Republic, Colombia, Austria, Argentina, Taiwan, Switzerland, Croatia, USA, Estonia, Hungary, Romania (to name just a few) and other countries.

It is not possible to translate GTAinside in all these languages. But we decided to translate our page into a language most people understand - into English. The translation is not finished yet. But the navigation, the downloads and the information about GTA IV is already translated! On the left side beneath the header you can switch the language. To enter the English version, just click on the British flag (the origin of this language lies in England, so we decided to use this flag). To get back to the German version, click on the German flag. We will continue translating other parts of GTAinside in the next few months. If you want to support us, just send us a short email! If you find any mistakes (English is not our monther tongue), please also tell us by email!

Our news will be in English and German from now on. Most of the download descriptions will be in English only. But descriptions of files from German users will also be translated into English. It is not possible to translate all readme files, but if you have any problems, just use our English Forums to get some help! By now there are not many English speaking users in our forums, but we want to change this. So join our forums and help us to build the biggest international GTA community!

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