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GTA4: Multiplayer exclusive to Xbox 360?! **UPDATE**
13.02.2008, 13:42
Author: Jan

Big shock for all PS3 gamers! In an interview Microsoft's entertainment boss Don Mattrick mentions by the way, that the multiplayer mode for GTA IV will be exclusive for Xbox 360:

"[GTA IV] is an amazing piece of software and I'm really excited with its downloadable content and online multiplayer support. Again, that's something that's unique to 360."

A similar statement on MSNBC:

"We’re excited about “Grand Theft Auto [IV],” not only because it’s a great title, but there’s multi-play and downloadable content that consumers will only be able to get on 360."

But maybe it was just an unfortunate wording and Mattrick was just pointing at the exclusive downloadable content . Or will PS3 gamers really be excluded from the multiplayer? If you remind the big amount of money Microsoft pays for exclusice content, it seems possible. But the statement is not clear enough to despair already. We will keep you up to date and tell you when Rockstar Games comments on this.

**UPDATE: 15:40**
A German agent of Rockstar Games assures that there will be definitely no differences between the content of the PS3 and Xbox360 version. That means that both platforms will include a multiplayer mode.
The only difference is that there will be episodical contents which will be available exclusively on Microsofts Xbox Live services.

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