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Gta V to IV Graphics V 2.3

Author: Sharing GolakMods
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Date: 23.06.2014 | 3907 Downloads
Filesize: 14.901 MB

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Gta V to IV Graphics V 2.3 By Sharing (Golak mods)

Enjoy Gta V's 2013 Rage graphics in old 2008's Rage engine with this mod.
You can enjoy having gta v graphics in gta iv with a lot of performance, even on extreme low end pc.
I will try to bring R*'s new rage engine in IV's old Rage engine, hope you enjoy ;)

Next in 2.4:
I'm working on gta v shader system, with this clouds will have shadows!
I'm also working on Gta V water.
If you have any idea or suggestion for ver 2.4 leave a comment.

- High (Default - Works with most devices)
- Medium
- Low
- Very Low
- Extreme low end

- screenshot DoF
New Features in 2.3:
* Night clouds
* Support for Dax shaders
* Fixed lens flare
* Fixed red sky in and EFLC
* New clouds
* Better refection and etc...
* Fixed dark nights
* Now works on extreme low end pc
* some parts of the timecyc is now picked directly from gta V gameplay
* better and more beautiful blinking stars
Misc Features in 2.3:
* Gta V Smoke texture
* Gta V Water texture
* HQ star and sky textures
* some other HQ textures

Sorry, I didn't took screenshots of lensflare and rays :(

- Gta V Lens Flare
- Gta V Rays
- Gta V Stars and blinking stars
- Gta V Chrome and metallic reflections
- 3D effect for clouds
- More brighter (no darkness)
- support for all patches
- Less red sky or red box and fixed bright cut scenes
- Gta V reflections
- settings for low pc
- better shadows
- better sun effect like in V
- more...
Tested in IV and EFLC
Dax1 and buzz and saundres420
Thanks for their effort and awesome job

If you gonna use anything from this enb don't forget to credit me and those guys above.
Tested PC spec:
CPU: Intel Core i5 2.53 GHz
VGA: AMD Radeon HD 6370M 1GB
OS: Windows 8.1 x64
Game settings: High
FPS: 40-55

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Gta V to IV Graphics V 2.3
Gta V to IV Graphics V 2.3 Gta V to IV Graphics V 2.3 Gta V to IV Graphics V 2.3

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